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Grateful Diver, Skeleton

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Grateful Diver 
Skeleton Diver Hoodie Rashguard

Take a trip under the sea with our Skeleton Diver UV Hoodie. Protect yourself from the sun and keep cool while looking cool, on and off the water.

  • a portion of each purchase benefits Reef Relief's coral reef conservation and education programs
  • UPF 50+ UV solar protection
  • moisture-wicking quick-drying poly fabric
  • M-shield technology to fight odor

AN ICONIC LOGO-Grateful Diver was created in 1995 when Grateful Dead co-founder and drummer Bill Kreutzmann, an avid diver, had the inspiration to design a Grateful Diver logo by placing the iconic Grateful Dead lightning bolt on a red dive flag. This iconic logo has raised money for marine conservation for almost 30 years.

100% polyester with added UPF 50+ UV solar protection and M-shield technology