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Eidon Tory Bralette

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Eidon Tory Bralette
Bakhalal Pattern

The Deets: Tory Top - BAKHALAL

Soak up the sun in style with the Tory bikini top. Featuring a soft molded front and a molded bralette design, it provides a comfortable fit with a flattering shape. The 2-way tie back allows for a customizable fit that is perfect for any beach day.

  • Molded bralette
  • Soft molded front
  • 2-way tie back



Discover: The BAKHALAL Collection

Our Bakhalal print captures the essence of an opulent Moroccan patio. Dripping in maximalist swank with a mirror-still pool in the centre, these spaces are clad in intricately painted tiles from floor to ceiling. Elegant plants spring from sturdy clay pot