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Eidon Alina Boyshort

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Eidon Alina Boyshort

Don’t cut your day short: slip into Alina and transition from sea and surf to sun and sand in a flash! These flatlock-seamed shorts can roll with the punches no matter what your day has in store, featuring a sleek 2” inseam and gusset.

  • Swim shorts
  • 2" inseam
  • Flatlock seams
  • Gusset

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Hailing from the Zen tradition, “kensho” represents becoming one with ourselves and seeing our true nature clearly. A kensho experience itself isn’t the mark of enlightenment, or a sign we’ve arrived at our spiritual destination: it is usually a transient moment, and one that gently pushes us towards a higher state of understanding. Like a flower slowly unfurling its petals to reveal its inner beauty, this evolution happens slowly – a transformation that happens at nature’s gentle pace.

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Peer into your very own secret garden with Tropical Paradise: a floral collection so lush, you can almost see the dew on its petals and leaves. A never-ending loop of blazing days and rainy spells make tropical regions exceptionally abundant, leaving gorgeous blooms, rich emerald leaves, and other flora to thrive abundantly. This watercolor-style print is glowing with freshness and renewal, like a tropical landscape after a life-giving sun shower.

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Live life out loud in Glitter, a fun-loving print that feels like bottled joy. This collection brings the party wherever it goes: just follow the trail of smiles and confetti and you’re sure to find Glitter at the end of it! If the present is a gift, then life is a celebration – so make each day a little bubblier and more blissful with a print that speaks your language.

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Our Bakhalal print captures the essence of an opulent Moroccan patio. Dripping in maximalist swank with a mirror-still pool in the centre, these spaces are clad in intricately painted tiles from floor to ceiling. Elegant plants spring from sturdy clay pot