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Eidon Alina Swim Short

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 Alina Swim Shorts ---****Swim Short Only
Don’t cut your day short: slip into Alina and transition from sea and surf to sun and sand in a flash! These flatlock-seamed shorts can roll with the punches no matter what your day has in store, featuring a sleek 2” inseam and gusset.
Swim shorts
2" inseam
Flatlock seams

The SANCTUM Collection                                                                                                        A sanctum is somewhere we can feel totally at peace: a refuge, a retreat, a hideaway far from the buzz and bustle of daily life. Somewhere that nature is allowed to thrive with abandon, where leaves and trees can stretch towards the sky with nothing in their way, where flowers can carpet the ground in color and splendor. This collection represents the sacred spaces where we feel safe enough to bloom, and the delicate nature of our inner sanctuaries.

Kick back, relax, and get mellow with this 70s-inspired floral motif. Chilled-out pastels and radiant blues come together with this playful print, covered in a technicolor tapestry of bubbly blossoms. Picture yourself laying in a field abloom, feeling the grass lightly prickle against the backs of your knees and the wind glide past the tips of your fingers: dreamy summer snapshots just like these are the inspiration behind our Mellow Meadows collection. Ready to indulge in a little slow living?

The MelonPop Collection