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Eidon Colorfield Bikini Bottom

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Color field Bikini bottom-Traditional rise french terry fabric partial ruched back full coverage

Sometimes, you’re looking for classic, timeless, and reliable. That’s where the Bikini comes in. Its classic rise, full-coverage back, and French Terry fabric make this bottom a go-to piece that we never, ever get tired of! The Bikini is the perfect no-fuss option for any waterfront, any day of the week.

Traditional rise bottom
French Terry fabric
Partial ruched back
Full coverage

Like a beam of light bursting through a prism, this collection is an ode to the brilliant hues that color our world. Blues, reds, and yellows exist in harmony with bright white – because you can’t have one without the other! Color Field’s skinny striped print feels a touch vintage, a touch minimalist, and 100% ready to take on every splash and wave you throw its way. Be the light you want to see in the world: slip into this collection and share your radiance with everyone you meet.

Full coverage